RJ 006: Meet Mike Hayden of Sun Sounds

In this episode of the Retirement Journeys podcast, I invite you to meet Mike Hayden of Sun Sounds of AZ.

Mike, who is recently married and in his mid 30s, discusses a range of topics including how the 2008 financial crisis affects how he looks at the markets, what mistakes he is trying to avoid and what type of retirement life he envisions.

I met Mike when I began volunteering at Sun Sounds in 2013. Our podcast is very relaxed and conversational. I enjoy speaking with Mike because I appreciate that his way of doing things, thinking about things and interests are different than my own. So that exposes me to new perspectives and challenges me to see the world and myself through a different lens.

Some of my favorite take-aways are:

  • Mike describes what his childhood smelled like
  • His first car
  • How he got interested in audio
  • How 9/11 and the 2008 financial crisis affected him
  • How work factors into his future
  • What his ideal retirement looks like

You can get a summary of the podcast and links to references in the Session Notes.

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1 Response

  1. Dot says:

    Enjoyed the podcast with Mike Hayden – he sounds like he’s really well grounded and will be successful as the years progress. Good job Ted!

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