Retirement Journeys 2015 Favorites

As the number of people who subscribe to our newsletter or listen to our podcast or read an article grows, I thought it would be fun to share  our most popular items of 2015.

Most frequently Accessed “Top Line” Menu Items (i.e. The Foundation, Pre-Retirement, Decision Day, Arriving, Surviving and Thriving)

  1. Surviving 
  2. Pre-retirement

Most Popular Posted Articles

  1. My Identity Crisis
  2. Live for Today – Routinely

Most Listened to Podcasts

  1. RJ 004 with Dave Bernard of
  2. RJ 001 How Roy Weinberg Retired at Age 55

Most Watched YouTube Videos

  1. The 6 Stages of Retirement
  2. Personal Budget Series Part 5 – How to Create and Use a Forecast

Most Downloaded Items

  1. Excel spreadsheet to track expenses
  2. Strategic Retirement Planning Scorecard

If you have a favorite that isn’t listed, please note so in the “Leave a Reply” section below. Thank you!

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