RJ 020 Fritz Gilbert of The Retirement Manifesto

Fritz Gilbert of  The Retirement Manifesto shares how he’s preparing to retire early at age 55 in just two years. Fritz is a corporate commodities trader based in Atlanta GA. He is married with a daughter in college.

the retirement manifesto







In his podcast, Fritz discusses why he wants to retire early, the importance of establishing transitional activities before you retire to make the adjustment smoother, his plan to relocate, what he intends to do in retirement, what role annuities may play, how he defines a successful retirement and his advice to other pre-retirees.

You can get a summary of all the topics we discuss plus links to references in the Session Notes.

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  1. September 6, 2017

    […] his podcast a while back, and we had a nice chat about retirement planning (listen to that episode here).  Ted recently conducted a survey among his audience about “What worries you the most […]

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