RJ 021 Dave Hughes of RetireFabulously.com

I am very pleased to introduce my podcast guest for episode 21 – Dave Hughes of RetireFabulously.com and author of Design Your Dream Retirement! Dave is also a jazz trombonist and blogger. You can find his posts on his website and at USNews.com. Dave and his husband live in Phoenix, AZ.

Dave Hughes Retire Fabulously


In his podcast Dave talks about the role that visualization plays in shaping retirement, why he decided to accept an early retirement buy-out offer (at age 57) and how that decision affects his retirement. He also describes the role his financial advisor has played in preparing for retirement, when he plans to start Social Security and his advice to people approaching retirement.

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To get a summary of Dave’s podcast, including links and references, check out the Session Notes.

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If you’re interested in the topic of early retirement you might enjoy an earlier post of mine called Will You Be Forced into Retirement?

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