Best of 2016

It’s always interesting, informative and fun to review the prior year.

So here are the most popular Retirement Journeys podcasts, articles, downloads and videos of 2016. Note that this list refers to new content for 2016. It does not include anything that was released in 2015. Perhaps I’ll do an all-time best of summary down the road.


  1. An Open Letter to My Retiring Friend
  2. How Our Spending Changed in Retirement
  3. Why We Retired to Arizona


  1. Retirement Relocation with John Brady of
  2. Retirement Author, Speaker and Blogger Jan Cullinane


  1. Bond Ladder Series Part 1 The Basics


  1. 7 Point Plan for a Successful Career Transition by Sharon Good of Good Life Coaching


Here are a few 2016 highlights from my perspective.

  • Conducted a user survey to get to know everyone a bit better
  • Launched a quiz feature and a first quiz entitled Is Your Pre-retirement Planning on Track?
  • Produced a 3 part video series on Bond Ladders
  • Grew our newsletter subscription by 118% over 2015
  • Page views increased by 29% over 2015
  • Grew number of podcast downloads by 631% over 2015
  • Received an official rating from iTunes for our podcast
  • Revamped the layout of the home page
  • Added 7 photo galleries

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