RJ 022 Jill Steinberg of MyRetirementWorks.com

In episode 22 I speak with retired psychology professor Jill Steinberg of MyRetirementWorks.com. When she was working at San Jose State Jill focused on what does it take to lead a successful life. After she retired she launched a project that slightly shifted the emphasis of her work to what does it take to have a successful retirement?

Jill talks about what she’s learned from studying popular and scholarly literature on retirement and her findings from her own research. For example, people who have pensions are more confident in their decision to retire and optimistic about their future. Also, she has found that it is very important to start an activity before retiring to help smooth out the transition.

Jill also talks about how retirement affects men and women differently; the reality and challenge of being single; and offers some encouraging words about the prospect of growing older.

You are welcome to contact Jill if you have any questions or to share your retirement story.

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