2017 RJ Pre-Retiree Survey Findings

First, I want to thank everyone who took the survey.

The survey focuses on the level of preparedness of people who have retirement on the horizon. It covers financial, personal and social readiness. The findings are shown for each question including comments.

Question 10 presents questions from pre-retirees to those already retired. So, if you are retired, here’s an opportunity to share your experience. To do so, use the “Leave a Reply” section below. Please reference the question and then supply your answer.

To view the findings please click on:  2017 RJ Pre-Retiree Survey Findings. Note that you can increase the font size to help view the survey.

I have also made the survey downloadable so it can be used as a retirement planning aid. Click here to download.

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4 Responses

  1. FASCINATING survey! Congrats on pulling it off! Wondered if you’d mind if I used some of the data for posts on my blog, with backlinks to your survey, or course!? Let me know, great stuff!

  2. kathie says:

    #6 reply – If you consider moving to another state, RENT out your current home. Then rent a place in new location + spend an entire year there. I had a tenant who sold their home, moved, and hated new location. But they could no longer afford to buy in old location because property values had climbed beyond their reach for the same home they sold.

    If you like the new location, you can take your time finding the near perfect house + location to buy because you are renting. And you can still sell the old home within 2 years to use the IRS tax options for sale of personal residence.

    • tedcarr654 says:

      Thank you Kathie! When my wife and I moved to Scottsdale from the Bay Area, we rented a condo for 3 months while we house hunted. We didn’t rent out our previous house – we sold it. We talked about renting it, but were confident that we were making the right move because we visited for many years. It worked out for us fortunately. I think you offer excellent advice!

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