RJ 026 Ronni Bennett of Time Goes By

The tagline of Ronni Bennett’s website, Time Goes By, is “What it’s really like to get old”. And Ronnie tells it like it is in an entertaining and frank manner. She blogs about her experience and perspectives on a wide range of subjects including health matters (even the “embarrassing ones”), politics, ageism, travel and culture. In a society obsessed with youth, that stereotypes and discriminates against old people,  Ronni is unafraid and unashamed to speak up on behalf of all of us old people. Truly a breath of fresh air!

In her podcast Ronni talks about her fascinating career in the media (radio, TV and the internet), the first time she felt old, hew view on death, how she fights back against ageism and much more.

You can get a summary of Ronni’s podcast, including links to references, from the session notes.

If you haven’t already done so, you can subscribe to the RJ podcast from the RJ home page. RJ also has a YouTube channel, Facebook page and newsletter. In fact, I just released a new You Tube presentation on Income Replacement from Investments.

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  1. Wendl says:

    TimeGoesBy and Ronni Bennett inspired me to adopt “Learning How to Be Old” as my personal retirement job. I’m reading, studying, going to classes, seminars, attending and leading discussion groups, etc. so I can to be my own best advocate in this rapidly changing world. Ronni is the undisputed Guru of Growing Old.

  2. Jody Broyles says:


    As you always do on your wonderful blog, you give my 72 year old life honor, humor, intellectual perspective and respect. Thank you and all subscribers to your blog for sharing their hopes, fears and triumphs of being an elder.

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