RJ 027 Nicole Goldman of Yeah, That’s My Point

Nicole Goldman of Yeah, That’s My Point, is my guest on episode 27 of the RJ podcast. You may recognize her name because she is also a guest blogger for RJ.

Nicole and I talk about why she decided to move on from her design business, how she went about her financial and estate planning including something called an ILIT (Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust), how she adjusted to retirement life, her belief that we have to create our own definition of what the new retirement looks like, why she refers to retirement as her freedom phase, her willingness to take a risk and her passion for writing.

Nicole’s interests include travel, tennis, art, design and writing of course. When it comes to music she enjoys folk music.

She has undergraduate and graduate degrees in arts and arts management.

She and her husband live in Woods Hole MA.

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