Retirement Journeys 2017 Year in Review

It’s that time of year to look back to see how we got to where we are today to help us plan for tomorrow. Did I really just write that? Anyhow, here’s a look back at 2017.


The top 3 Retirement Journeys (RJ) podcasts for 2017 are:

  1. RJ 024 Kathe Kline of Rock Your Retirement
  2. RJ 028 Bill Storie and Robin Trimingham of
  3. RJ 022 Jill Steinberg of MyRetirement Works

On September 25 I appeared as a guest on Kathe Kline’s Rock Your Retirement program (Episode 93). The main topic discussed is The 6 Stages of Retirement. It was fun to be a podcast guest!

On July 25 I announced a new podcast – Retire Hoppy which of course is a play on Retire Happy. Here’s why I created this new show. It was becoming harder and harder to find great guests for the RJ podcast. It began to feel like work! I started thinking about what I could do to make podcasting more fun. So I came up with the idea of combining retirement with craft beer. I know it sounds strange but on the other hand it makes the show unique. Instead of having to search for guests I have a co-host. This format allows for a show with or without a guest which is much less stressful. The premise is that we’re hanging out over a beer while discussing a retirement topic.  My first guest was Fritz Gilbert of The Retirement Manifesto (RH 005 10 Commandments of Early Retirement). OK, so what if you really aren’t interested in beer? Well, the show is set up in 2 segments: 1) retirement; and 2) beer. So if you’re only interested in retirement, you can just listen to the first segment.


Here are my top 3 posts for 2017.

  1. Is Healthcare a Right or a Privilege?
  2. How to Keep Track of What Your Doctor Tells You
  3. 5 Ways Libraries Improve Retirement


  • In March I posted the results from the pre-retiree survey that I conducted.
  • In July I went live with a new website Retire Hoppy. I really like the clean look of its design.
  • In September I revamped the look and format of the RJ newsletter. My objectives are to make it more colorful, interesting and easier to read.
  • In September I joined Twitter as @retirehoppy where you can follow me.
  • During the year I posted 7 new photo galleries.

So that’s how 2017 went down. I appreciate everyone who subscribes to the newsletter, reads a post, listens to a podcast, takes a survey, follows me on Twitter and is a member of the RJ Facebook group. I especially appreciate everyone who took the time to provide feedback – comments, iTunes ratings, and emails – and those of you who shared RJ and Retire Hoppy content. Feedback as you know is critical to continuous improvement.

Happy 2018!

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