Inspire for Chronic Diseases

Having to deal with a chronic illness is life-changing. The patient and affected family members enter a cycle of doctor appointments, tests, treatments, medications and symptoms to manage. And just like in the world of personal finance, we are expected to take on more responsibility for managing our conditions. This is intimidating and scary. Fortunately there are support groups that can help out in many ways such as:

  • Help us realize that we are not alone or isolated
    • On-line communities
    • In-person meetings and conferences
    • Newsletters
    • Links to helpful resources
  • Education from people who are and have been dealing with a chronic disease
    • What tests may be helpful and what they do
    • Diet and nutrition
    • Medications
    • Clinical trials
  • Symptom management
  • Treatment options, alternatives, benefits, risks, results and side effects
  • Lessons learned
  • Doctor recommendations
  • Location of state of the art test facilities
  • Medical insurance is a great place to search for a support group. Communities include liver disease, breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and many more.

Joining and actively participating in a support group can affect the course of one’s medical journey and make each day a bit better and more hopeful.

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