Health Care

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We are fortunate to have access to outstanding health care.  We are proponents of accessing the health care system when it makes sense – preventative care and treatment for an illness or condition. We don’t avail ourselves of any alternative approaches. By not doing so should not be interpreted as rejection or condemnation of alternative approaches. It’s more about how we grew up and therefore what we are comfortable with.

We get a flu shot every fall. I got the Shingles vaccination too.

We only resort to antibiotics when they are the best means to resolve an infection.

I do take a few vitamins every day though I have my suspicions about how effective they are.


Lessons Learned

  • Follow a conservative method of treatment
  • Treat symptoms of colds and sinus infections without resorting to antibiotics
  • Always get flu shot & recommended vaccinations
  • Routine physicals and diagnostic exams