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the ant and the grasshopper

Are You a Retirement Ant or Grasshopper?

Aesop’s Fable Do you know Aesop’s fable about The Ant and The Grasshopper? Basically the ants work hard during the beautiful summer months while the grasshopper fiddles all the while making fun of the...

loss of my paycheck

How I Overcame the Loss of My Paycheck

Disruption As my retirement date drew closer, I contemplated a future without my paycheck which not only provided financial means but also symbolized that I was valued, independent, productive, and “in the game”. My...

tax reform may provide a tail wind for dividends

Tax Reform May Provide a Tail Wind for Dividends

Investors love dividends and rightfully so. Dividends increase a stocks total return, reduce risk regardless of investment style and provide a source of income. Dividend payouts also serve as a proxy for the overall...