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rock your retirement

RJ 024 Kathe Kline of Rock Your Retirement

In this episode I am joined by Kathe Kline host of the popular Rock Your Retirement podcast. Kathe got into podcasting in March 2015 to help get her message out that retirement is not...

Jill Steinberg

RJ 022 Jill Steinberg of

In episode 22 I speak with retired psychology professor Jill Steinberg of When she was working at San Jose State Jill focused on what does it take to lead a successful life. After...

Retirement Journeys podcast

Favorite Takeaways from 2016 RJ Podcasts

When I look back at the Retirement Journeys podcast for 2016 I am struck by several things: how fast podcast downloads and subscriptions grew; the amazing quality of my guests; the valuable information they...