Creative Pursuits

Cow skull


Engaging in creative pursuits is a great way to hit the ground running as you enter into retirement. That certainly was the case for CeCe. She has been interested in art since high school. During her working years, she took up quilting (which includes appliqué). So when retirement time came along, there were no concerns about what she was going to do with all her free time. Her transition was so seamless that she never had a second thought, never looked back.

As her retirement journey proceeds, she has explored other creative projects. For example, she created the beaded cow skull in the photo. Click here to see more examples of her projects.

I on the other hand didn’t have any kind of creative interest or hobby. I spent my free time playing sports and games (bowling, that’s a game, right?). The closest I ever got to doing something creative was practicing office diplomacy!  However, in the back of my mind, I wanted to try my hand at writing something. I think that this website checks that box for me!

The lesson learned here is that creative pursuits can ease the transition into and the ongoing retirement experience. And as you are undoubtedly aware, keeping your mind active, is a good thing for your overall health!