D Day [hr]

There were several factors that influenced our decision to retire when we did.

  • I had set a goal to retire by 55 but I pushed that out due to the impact of the Great Recession. By the time I was approaching 60, we had recovered sufficiently whereby it was feasible. So from a financial standpoint we were ready.
  • We had decided to relocate so with the approach of spring, it was an ideal time to sell our house.
  • We knew that because we were in relative good health, that we could really enjoy retirement. And that belief was reinforced by seeing some very good friends go through some extremely difficult health issues. So we were basically thinking, what are we waiting for?

I recall that despite these positive signals, I wanted to wait a while longer before we actually moved. Then there came the day where CeCe informed me that based on her investigation, there was no health insurer that would cover me due to a pre-existing condition. We had also been in contact with a health insurance agent in Arizona who expressed confidence that he could find coverage for me. And this was the event that set all that followed into motion.