Hi! Welcome to the Retirement Journeys (RJ) website. Before I describe what you’ll find and how to find it, here are a couple of links that will provide some background.

I don’t have a set schedule for when I release content. I do update the website and Facebook page with new content as I create it.

Now here’s what you’ll find and how to find it. Oh, in case you’re interested our most popular post is Annuities and Bond Ladders. Are They Comparable?, our most listened to podcast is Retirement Relocation with John Brady of and our most watched video is The 6 Stages of Retirement .

Top Menu – Our Journey

The top menu contains the stages of our personal retirement journey – The Foundation, Pre-retirement, Decision Day, Arriving, Surviving and Retirement. For each stage I go into detail about our experience – what we did, how we did it and our lessons learned.

Sharing our experience is why we created Retirement Journeys.  I hope that through our experience others can find inspiration and information to apply to their own journey.

The Second Menu

Here you’ll find information about retirement journeys (purpose & objectives) and some background information about us; a contact us form; a variety of photo galleries; and resources.

Resources include newsletters, downloads, session noteseBooks and guides.


I send out a free newsletter roughly once a month. The release date depends on when I have finished developing content for that particular newsletter. The newsletter highlights my latest podcast and blog posts, takes a look behind the scenes of RJ, provides a brief personal update, links to interesting articles and websites, and previews of what’s in the works.

To subscribe go to the RJ homepage and look for “Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter” which is located near the top of the right sidebar (just below More). Simply enter your email address and click on Subscribe. You will be sent an email confirming your request.

You can view past newsletters from the Resources tab on the homepage.


Downloads include my  presentation on The 6 Stages of Retirement, the Strategic Retirement Planning Scorecard and several Excel spreadsheets on personal budgeting.

Session Notes

There is a session note for each podcast. The session note contains a recap of the podcast and links to references.


There are 3 eBooks available for download: Selecting a Retirement Community, Navigating the Retirement Jungle and 7 Steps to a Successful Career Transition.


I’ve created 3 short guides that show you how to listen to a podcast, how to share a podcast and how to subscribe using iTunes. By subscribing, you will receive new episodes when you sync your mobile device on iTunes.

Left Sidebar

At the top of the left sidebar are links (icons) to the RJ YouTube channel and Facebook page.

There’s a link to make it easier to subscribe to the RJ podcast on iTunes.

There’s a link to a popular past post in case you missed it.

Below that is a featured video. To watch, just click on it.

Center Column


This is where the most recent blog contents are displayed in magazine style. Each blog post is identified by category, author and date. The most recent post serves as a magazine cover. Below the cover are the 4 most recent posts. Note that each post is classified into one of 5 categories: financial, general interest, lifestyle, health and podcast.


One of my favorite things to do is to producing podcasts. I enjoy providing my guests with a literal voice to share their retirement-related expertise. My guests include authors, bloggers, professors and journalists. You can listen to a podcast from your computer or by downloading it to play later. You can subscribe to the RJ podcast on iTunes so you won’t miss any episodes. I am working on making what’s called one-click available for Android.

Right Sidebar

At the top of the right sidebar, under More, is where you can signup to receive our newsletters.

Next you’ll notice two small icons: a clock and a star. When you click on the clock you’ll see the 4 most recent posts which duplicates what is already displayed in the center column. I think it’s more interesting to click on the star because it will display the 4 more popular posts regardless of category.

The last thing in the right sidebar is titled Find Blogs By Category. When you click on the drop down menu you’ll see all 5 blog categories. When you click on a category you will get all of the posts for that category!

Each podcast episode has a companion document called session notes. The session notes include a recap of key points and links to things that were referenced in the podcast. The session notes for each podcast can be found under Resources.


This footer contains a fun feature that is unique to Retirement Journeys and is called Rocky’s Corner. Rocky offers up words of wisdom and his own unique perspective on what life is like living with two retired people. Clicking on our photo to the right will take you to About Us.

Please follow us on Facebook and feel free to share your ideas on how to improve Retirement Journeys. Thank you!