Lifestyle for us include creative pursuits, relationships and activities. Creative pursuits are things like art, music, writing and crafts. Relationships are family and friends. Activities include volunteering, reading, listening to music and traveling.

Depending on your retirement choices, each of these areas can either be an opportunity or a challenge.

For CeCe, retirement offered an opportunity to spend as much time as she desired pursuing her creative interests. And for me, retirement amplified the fact that I lacked any such abilities or talents.

Since we decided to relocate, both of us experienced serious challenges due to leaving family and friends behind.

In terms of activities, I’d say that retirement offered us opportunities to spend more time reading, travelling, exercising and the prospect of doing some volunteer work.

Looking back over the process of retiring, I was on the right track when I used to think about how I was going to fill up my days when I was actually living in retirement. By that I mean that a lot of what is presented on the subject of retirement tends to focus on the financial side. I don’t think enough attention is paid to what I’m calling personal interests. So that’s why I’ve included it as one of the 3 elements that go into building a foundation for a successful retirement.