Purpose & Objectives

When we retired in 2010, we were frequently asked: “How’d you do that”? People were genuinely curious about how we prepared for retirement, our decision to retire and how we planned to live life in retirement. Instead of continuing to tell and retell our story, we decided to share it online with everyone. That is our only motive. We are not profit driven. To learn more about who we are, click Meet Us.


To share real-life experience to inform and inspire the choices you make on your own retirement journey.


To share:

  • Financial experience especially retirement planning, personal budgeting and investment perspectives.
  • The non-financial side of preparing for retirement, adjusting to retirement and living in retirement.
  • Expertise on a variety of retirement topics from authors, journalists, bloggers, financial planners, insurance agents and more!


How We Share Experience With You

  • The Retirement Journeys podcast which features guests who discuss areas of retirement that they specialize in.
  • Recounting our personal journey starting with laying the foundation & proceeding to pre-retirement, decision day, arriving, surviving and thriving. See the top level menu on the homepage.
  • Posts (articles) to the Retirement Journeys blog (on the home page) featuring finance, lifestyle and health topics.
  • Via our free monthly newsletter (you can subscribe from the retirementjourneys home page)
  • Through our Facebook page: facebook.com/retirementjourneys1
  • Through helpful YouTube videos such as The 6 Stages of Retirement
  • Making downloads available including eBooks and personal budgeting spreadsheets

Note the following are excluded from our objectives and scope.  The offering of advice and guidance; specific recommendations or referrals including, but not limited to, any materials, services, investments, providers, individuals, marketing and sales generation. Any information shared by guests is their’s alone and not a recommendation from Retirement Journeys.