Segway Tour of Scottsdale April 2017

I had so much fun taking this 90 minute Segway tour of Scottsdale! Our tour guides started out by instructing us how to operate a Segway and then guiding us through some basic maneuvers until we were comfortable and ready. To go forward, you simply lean in that direction. And to go backwards, which is necessary to stop, you lean back. (Because the Segway uses several gyroscopes, it never really stays perfectly still.) The Segway does not steer like a bike, i.e. where you turn the handle bars. To turn the Segway, you push the steering handle left or right pretty much in a straight plane. It takes some getting used to but I found over time that I became more confident and was able to adapt my body language to the Segway. I definitely will ride again!

Here are some great photos of our ride through central Scottsdale. By the way, CeCe and I were married outside near the fountain the appears in the first three photos.