Session 13 – Sharon Good


  • Retirement coaching deals with the non-financial side of retirement
  • Many people get their finances in order but neglect figuring out what they’re doing to do in retirement
  • People can use retirement coaching to prepare for retirement or even after retirement. It’s all about managing change and doing what you want to do.
  • Sharon added retirement coaching to her existing life coaching practice. The transition to retirement in many ways suggests a career change which is something Sharon specializes in.
  • A good candidate for retirement coaching is someone who is open to getting help and is motivated to improve their retirement life and experience.
  • The experience of participating in retirement coaching is part of the process and is true to the maxim that the journey is as important as the destination.
  • Sharon meets with clients for 30 minutes every other week. Expect to work a minimum of 3 months with a retirement coach.
  • Sharon received a certification in retirement coaching from Life Options which was founded in 1980 by Dr. Richard P. Johnson.
  • The process she uses includes 2 assessments:
    • The Retirement Success Profile(c) (RSP) measures 15 factors that have been shown to be crucial for successful retirement. The assessment includes Dr. Johnson’s inspiring book, The New Retirement, which offers an empowering approach to each of the factors.
    • The Life Options Profile(c) (LOP) looks at your levels of preparedness in 6 life arenas. The accompanying book, What Color Is Your Retirement, explores exciting possibilities in each of the arenas.
  • Researching options to pursue is critical to success. It’s important to determine if a path is worth the time and expense relative to the expected results. The retirement coach helps guide this research and set realistic goals.
  • To find the right retirement coach for you start by checking out the websites for several. Select 2 or 3 that appeal to you and then call them to see whether you find someone you can work with. Most coaches (including Sharon) offer a free introductory session for screening purposes.
    • You can call Sharon at 212-564-2073
  • Other resources Sharon recommends include:
    • AARP website
    • The book Don’t Retire, Rewire by Jeri Sedlar and Rick Miners
    • The book Groping Toward Whatever of How I Learned to Retire – Sort of by Susan Trausch
  • Sharon’s advice when working with a retirement coach is expect to stick with it a while, at least 3 – 6 months. Sometimes there are so many options that it can be overwhelming. The coach can help work though what are best for you and help you with the transition.
  • What can you expect in return for your investment of time and money?
    • What’s it worth to feel good about yourself and your life?
    • Some of the best investments are experiences. And working with a retirement coach is an experience which leads you to more valuable life experiences.
  • Sharon’s website is
    • 10 years of archived newsletters on Living the Creative Life
  • She has a publishing website called
    • The Tortoise Workbook: Getting Ahead at Your Own Pace
  • Consider working with a retirement coach if you’re feeling confused

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