Session 21 – Dave Hughes

Recap and Highlights

  • Retirement is a lifestyle and it’s beneficial for people to plan ahead. And that’s the purpose of Dave’s website.
  • Finances, health and happiness are the ingredients for a successful retirement
  • When addressing groups, he plays a word association game and uses the word “retirement”. What pops into one’s mind? In a lot of ways people get the retirement that they imagine.
  • Dave created the Retirement Visualization guide before he wrote Design Your Dream Retirement. He then updated the guide so that it now goes together with the book.
  • Dave’s book includes chapters on having enough physical activity, mental stimulation, socialization and fulfillment. Fulfillment refers to having things in your life that provide meaning and happiness.
  • At the end of each chapter Dave presents a number of questions which are also included in the visualization guide. The guide provides space for you to write down your answers.
  • The chapter questions can be answered by both partners and couples to help communications.
  • Dave talks about a woman who schedules 2 hours a week to paint. This will help her adjust to retirement, i.e. carrying over an existing interest.
  • Dave retired at age 56. He had planned to retire at 60. However, after much analysis, he ended up accepting a buy-out offer from his company.
  • It’s very typical for people to retire earlier than planned because of layoffs, tempting buy-out offers, health issues or having to care for an aging parent.
  • Dave went to work as a Wedding Officiant to provide more retirement budget options. Helped him retire early.
  • Dave plans to take Social Security when he reaches 62. He’d rather keep his IRA money longer and start taking the governments money sooner. His financial advisor agrees with him.
  • Dave started saving in his 20’s using a 401k and invested in growth funds. As he got older, he had less time to manage. At work he met a presenter who ended up becoming his financial advisor. He is very happy with the results that she obtained. She also helped make early retirement work by finding more income producing assets.
  • Dave’s expectation of retirement was that it would be a permanent vacation. Not realistic. He expected that he’d have time to just listen to his music collection but that would not provide enough balance.
  • He is surprised by how busy he is. Plays in 4 bands, Wedding Officiant, writer, home clean up. He discovered that he thrives on having a full calendar.
  • Since he’s so busy he hasn’t been able to keep up with his reading or taking Spanish and doesn’t get as much exercise.
  • Says retirement stress is self-inflicted. Does he really want to have such a busy schedule? Supposed to have time to do more of what you want to do. Pulled in both directions.
  • As a member of LGBT, he is concerned that continuing care communities are not accepting of diversity. Has heard lots of horror stories – back into the closet. Hopefully things will get better when he needs to move.
  • Advice – get started on future business while still working so you can hit the ground runningl; if you consider moving visit places before

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