Session 24 – Kathe Kline

Recap and Highlights

  • Kathe explains that she came up with the name “Rock Your Retirement” because her audience is mostly baby boomers and rock music was the music of that generation – so rock your retirement!
  • Kathe refers to herself as “a reformed financial advisor”
  • She got into podcasting to help people understand what it takes to have a great retirement. It’s not all about the money, it’s what you do with your retirement.
  • Kathe talks about the importance of creating an in-person support group (an online only support group is insufficient). People who will be there for you if you have an issue or need.
  • Kathe mentions a woman with Parkinsons who inspires her. The woman has written Shake, Rattle and Roll With It: Living and Laughing with Parkinsons. The take away is that it doesn’t matter what happens to you. It’s your attitude that matters.
  • Kathe’s website is a gateway to her content which includes podcasts and show notes, newsletter sign up and FB link
  • Kathe prefaces sensitive podcast topics, including sex, with a warning
  • Need to have face-to-face ties. The internet is not a substitute.
  • In the future, Kathe is going to encourage members of her Rock Your Retirement Facebook community to have meetups.
  • Kathe is going to pose challenges to her Facebook group that require face-to-face interaction.
  • Anyone who wants to join Kathe’s Rock Your Retirement Facebook group should contact her because it is by invitation only.
  • Kathe talks about how her father is her retirement role model. She admires how he saved, lived his life and formed social groups.
  • I mention how my friend, Rich, a retired school teacher from San Jose, was someone whose retirement life was one that I admired.
  • One of Kathe’s favorite pieces of “financial” advice is to not buy so much stuff. Your kids are not going to want it.
  • I talk about a TV show called American Pickers where Frank and Mike drive around the country looking for items they call sell in one of their two stores. A common scenario is to have adult kids prodding mom and dad to start to get rid of all the stuff they have accumulated (and in some cases have hoarded).
  • Instead of buying so much stuff, why spend your money on experiences to make memories.
  • One of Kathe’s favorite and inspirational books is The Millionaire Next Door.
  • Kathe said that the majority of her clients, when she was a financial planner, had less than $50,000 when they retired.
  • Kathe mentions a freebie that you can get from her website called Secrets of Retirement that Your Broker Won’t Tell You.
  • To get a copy go to
  • Here are 3 of those secrets: keep your parents safe; have a good attitude; and you can find or keep your love.

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