Session 25 – Jami Shapiro

Recap and Highlights

  • A senior move manager specializes in coordinating and effecting transitions for seniors. They are especially geared to working with and around physical and mental limitations.
  • Industry emerged about 15 years ago. Jami has been doing this for 5 years. She was previously a realtor and still has a license (CA).
  • Jami is a 12 year cancer survivor. This changed her perspective on life and led her to want to help seniors.
  • After attending the National Association of Senior Move Managers convention in San Diego she knew that this was the work that she wanted to do.
  • This association has training, a code of ethics (how to represent clients best interest) and requires training.
  • A team lead oversees the work. and other roles (depending on the client’s requirements)
  • Jami partners with a realtor and a moving company.
  • She is mindful perspective when on working on a timeline. She focuses on the client’s needs.
  • Her favorite client is the one who embraces moving into a senior care center and sees the silver lining such as not having to cook anymore.
  • Many people are involved in move such as the care facility’s marketing director, moving company (Jami does the packing and unpacking), an adult child and a realtor. The client is always the person being moved.
  • The steps of her process are: space planning; sort (best thing is to give stuff to loved ones); sell or share (estate sale is ideal); pack in an organized manner; unpack in a way that matches how the client wants things to be set up; and lastly, follow up to make sure the client is settled and happy.
  • Her team does not smoke onsite or use strong fragrances.
  • Jami tells a story about her being moved where some of the movers smoked and even packed garbage!
  • Jami works on a time and materials basis. She allows her clients to pick and choose what services that they want. For example, if the client wants to do their own sorting, she directs them to information on her website to help guide them. She keeps the client informed along the way as to how many hours they have put in so there are no surprises.
  • Other senior move managers may package their services.
  • Her biggest challenges are working with people that have cognitive impairment or someone who doesn’t want to move. She finds that it’s typically the husband who doesn’t want to go.
  • Attitude is very important. Silver Linings presents the move in a positive way.
  • Jami always starts out a client consultation by pointing out that it will be difficult and challenging. People can even become physically ill. She even mentions relocation stress syndrome.
  • She points out that material items are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them.
  • When someone other than a child comes in, the client is more likely to listen to them. So Jami serves as a mediator.
  • Her company will scan photos and/or create a memory book.
  • The greatest benefit of her service is to make the transition as easy as possible. They won’t just be unpacked but they’ll be organized. This allows people to focus on relationships.
  • You can request a free consultation from her website. She has posted videos of a client’s experience.
  • Her final advice – early preparation will make it much easier. Start repurposing belongings because that is so challenging.

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