Session 26 – Ronni Bennett

Recap & Highlights

  • Ronnie talks about her career in radio, TV and the internet
  • Early in radio the really big names would come to their program because it was number 1.
  • A life changing moment came when she managed the CBS internet group. It hit her that she was the oldest person in the group. It was a stunning moment because she saw that she was old.
  • A lot of people won’t admit they’re old. What they mean is that they’re not those other people. She now feels old most recently because she is no in touch with the current culture.
  • She says there’s no downside to getting old. She said that it’s our job to make peace with death.
  • Ronnie talks about how she wants to experience her own death – the last great adventure.
  • Do you have any regrets? They’re about times she behaved badly.
  • An ideal day is one spent at home. She works on her blog every day. Reading is her biggest entertainment.
  • She started doing her blog while she was still working. Writing is a way to figuring out what she feels about something.
  • The subtitle of her website is “what it’s really like to get old”. Her website is not primarily about health.
  • Ronnie talks about not allowing people to marginalize her or to diminish her.
  • Ronnie talks about being laid off along with her much younger colleagues. They all found work right away but she could not. She tells a story of being blatantly rejected because of being old. The world wants old people to act young.
  • We have to stand up for ourselves.
  • She prefers to be called an elder or old person. People are in denial.
  • She learns more from her website readers than she gives to them.
  • The media only seem to write about older outliers. They seem to be saying unless you are like this then you’re not worthy. She holds up Steven Hawking as an example of someone who is successful without being physically active.
  • She’s impressed by young people helping old people. Maybe a little at a time we change people’s minds.
  • Her advice to pre-retirees is to plan something to do long before you retire.
  • Don’t feel pressured that you have to give back.

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