Session 27 – Nicole Goldman


  • Thinks every morning what she is grateful for: passionate about art and design
  • Loves folk music
  • Took kids out of school and traveled around the world. Principal said go and tell us all about it.
  • Nicole closed her interior design studio 2 years ago. She felt she accomplished her business objectives and now wanted to turn her attention to writing.
  • She checked in with her financial planner who confirmed that she could retire.
  • She also gets input from her estate attorney.
  • Nicole has set up an ILIT (Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust) which includes a second-to-die life insurance policy that is intended to help with estate taxes.
  • Her biggest surprise upon retiring was realizing that she had been unaware of just how much time she had been missing.
  • Nicole says that she made some healthier life style changes because she had the time. These include afternoon walks and taking the time to prepare healthier meals. Has time to keep things in balance which is a priority.
  • Her biggest challenge was keeping structured and making use of her time.
  • Nicole attended a conference where one of the speakers had interviewed elderly people and asked what they would say to their younger selves. The answer was you still have a lot of time; you’re not old yet, make use of it.
  • We don’t have role models for how to prepare for retirement because our parents’ retirement was different.
  • It’s up to us to create that new retirement paradigm.
  • Nicole refers to retirement as her freedom phase. There’s less pressure and the freedom to do what you want to do including travel, hobbies, interests or simply read a book in the middle of the day. It’s not “retiring” in any way.
  • Nicole is a risk taker. She is currently working in her community to bring them an art center. She is opening herself up to local politics and criticism.
  • She knows that she is contributing. If you keep your objectives in front of you, the risks are easier to take.
  • Too many people hold themselves back.
  • Nicole agrees with me that she also loves routine. In fact having stricter helps you get the most out of your available time.
  • She started her blog, “Yeah, That’s My Point” to share her writing with like-minded people and to build up an audience for her books.
  • Nicole’s writing includes lifestyle topics from the perspective of someone born towards the end of the baby boom generation.
  • One of Nicole’s most popular posts has to do with balance in life and how suddenly that can all change.
  • Writing is about making connections with the readers.
  • In addition to guest posting on RJ, Nicole also guest blogs on Better After 50 and Sixty and Me.
  • Nicole is currently preparing to show her first novel to book agents. She has an idea she wants to apply to a second novel. She wants to put together a summary of narrative essays,
  • Nicole intends to create a personal website to include the other projects she’s working on.
  • Given that we are living longer, we have a great opportunity to get out there and enjoy life

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