Session 4 – Dave Bernard

Recap and Highlights

  • Here is Dave’s email:
  • Dave explains why he decided to focus on the non-financial side of retirement planning
  • Tips on how to prepare to become the new retired you
  • Retirement provides the opportunity to begin with a clean slate
  • Success is whatever you define it to be, not your boss!
  • First year of retirement is the honeymoon period and not indicative of the years that follow. It is important to figure out what your going to do in those following years.
  • What do people fear the most?
  • What types of activities can you participate in after you retire?
  • What does Dave like most and least about being retired.
  • What advice does Dave have for the retiree to-be?


  • Dave will send a free copy of his book I Want to Retire! Essential Considerations to the Retiree to Be to the first 50 people who email him (see above for address) and mention this offer
  • Take an active role in planning what your retirement will be
  • Plan for retirement by communicating with your spouse or partner. Go into retirement together as a united team
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new

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