Session 5 – Ted Carr on Vacations vs. Lifestyle

Recap and Highlights

  • My first solo podcast!
  • Went with a topic on the lighter side
  • Once someone is retired, is travel simply part of their lifestyle or can some go on vacation?
  • This question came up during our drive to Flagstaff AZ for a week
  • I felt like I was going on vacation and my wife considers travel to be part of her retirement lifestyle


  • I may be the only person who has ever thought about whether travel after retirement can be a vacation or is by default just part of the retirement lifestyle
  • Flagstaff is a great place with lots to see and do including near-by National Parks and Monuments, plenty of hiking and a vibrant downtown with good shopping and restaurants
  • Just like in podcast RJ 004 where Dave Bernard said that “you get to define what success is in retirement”, I extend that to “you get to set and apply the rules” when it comes to travel in retirement
  • Therefore is it not a contradiction when I say that I am on vacation and my wife is not
  • The most important point is to enjoy your travels together!

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