Session 6 – Mike Hayden

Recap and Highlights

  • Mike describes what his childhood smelled like and what his first car was
  • How he got interested in the world of audio
  • How he acquired his financial literacy
  • What steps he is taking to secure his future and what mistakes he wants to avoid
  • What he wants other generations to understand about him
  • How the 2008 financial crisis affected him
  • His interest in improve comedy
  • How has marriage changed his planning
  • What does his ideal retirement look like
  • What has he learned from the Sun Sounds volunteers about aging and retirement


  • He wants other generations to understand what makes him tick, that he values their input and ultimately need to find their own way
  • His goal is to achieve financial impendence, not necessarily according to a timeline, in order to lead a purposeful life
  • Some form of work, and ideally multiple income streams, will lead him to financial independence
  • That he would love to lead a retirement life similar to his mom’s. She still teaches and travels extensively throughout the summer
  • He sees himself as being interdependent with others, that everyone is in it together
  • He hopes to be in a position to give back to younger people who follow him
  • His first car
  • How he got interested in audio
  • How 9/11 and the 2008 financial crisis affected him
  • How work factors into his future
  • What his ideal retirement looks like
  • From the many retired volunteers at Sun Sounds, he has observed that there are many paths to retirement and many ways to enjoy retirement. There is much wisdom to be gleaned from their stories.
  • Mike’s advice to his peers includes: take advantage of technology, realize that there are many paths, support one another and always keep an open mind.

Additional References and Links

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