Session 9 – Ann Brenoff

Recap and Highlights – Session 9

  • Ann discusses how she left teaching to pursue a career in writing
  • How unexpected it was to lose her job at the LA Times after 20 years
  • She describes her immediate reaction and how her family responded
  • That same day, Ann turned an after school volunteer program into her first business which she spread across Southern California
  • Worked with a business coach who identified her skill at marketing which led to more business opportunities
  • Formed group for women entrepreneurs
  • Did freelance writing during those 2 years
  • Wrote 3 unpaid posts for the Huffington Posts which led to more opportunities
  • She heard that the Huffington Post planned to eliminate their contract writers. Ann contacted Arianna Huffington which led to a job offer.
  • Glad she was laid off as it gave her the opportunity to learn social media, mobile technology and the internet.
  • The ones who suffered the most where those who tried to recapture what they lost
  • Things are changing and it is not OK to not understand technology
  • Being depressed and angry gets you nowhere
  • Need to know how to interview as that has changed
  • Are you OK going to work for someone who is the age of your adult children
  • Writers have skills that are highly coveted just need to learn how to apply them in the new digital world.
  • College essays and personal finance are good fields for writers
  • Need to know how to present a story for a mobile platform and how to social it
  • Her future plans may include a novel or an extended stay in Hong Kong but she hopes to write for many years as she loves her work.
  • Ann is proud that she survived her layoff

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