Session 17 – Glenn Carter

Recap and Highlights

  • Glenn explains what the sharing economy is
  • Everyone’s heard of Air BnB and Uber but they are just the tip of the sharing economy iceberg. That’s why he titled his book Secrets of the Sharing Economy Part 1
  • He became interesting in it when he began using Air BnB
  • He enjoyed his Air BnB experiences so much that he became a host
  • Glenn explains how the sharing economy can help retirees earn extra income, remain independent and stay engaged socially
  • Some of the ways that the sharing economy can help people remain independent is through online shopping (Instacart), transportation (Uber and Lyft) and tasking services (TaskRabbit)
  • In terms of making money, Glenn offers the following platforms (i.e. websites): Air BnB; rover and DogVacay (pet sitting); giving local tours (Vayable); checking out the claims of sellers (WeGoLook); and renting out your car (Turo).
  • Glenn offers some specific examples of people who make money.
  • In order to participate in the sharing economy a person needs to know how to use a smart phone. Glenn suggests reaching out to someone who understands smart phones and asking them to help. There’s also a website called that offers courses on new technology.
  • People 55+ are making the most money and 25% of Uber drivers are over 55
  • Glenn talks about how participating in the sharing economy helps me remain socially engaged
  • Glenn explains what steps someone should take to mitigate risk
  • The 10 10 80 rule. 10% of your time is spent on learning and researching the sharing economy; 10% is planning what you will do; 80% is actual participation.
  • Glenn describes what resources his website provides
  • A great way to get started is to try out different services and to talk with the providers.
  • Glenn’s book for digital seniors will be available later in 2016. The digital senior guide on the website is the outline for the book.
  • Glenn’s put together a link for retirement journeys listeners that will get them a copy of the digital senior guide and his book Secrets of the Sharing Economy Part 1. You will also receive an advance copy of his new book and be offered a chance to participate in its development (
  • Glenns’s final advice – just get out there and do it!


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