Session 3 – Mike Hultquist

Session 3 Notes – Mike Hultquist

Recap and Highlights

  • Mike credits his parents and early work experience with his financial literacy
  • Mike describes his long term approach to investing
  • He talks about how he uses the retirement calculator that is built into his company’s payroll system
  • We discuss how Social Security has changed and is likely to change
  • How Mike is preparing himself to reduce the risk of early forced retirment
  • Mike describes what he wants to do when he retires (hiking and golfing) including a second act career as a teacher
  • Mike’s advice to his peers is to start planning and preparing early
  • The one misconception that he would like corrected about his generation (Millennial) is that they are job hoppers. Millennials have been severely impacted by the Great Recession and have had to become their own “franchise”.
  • Websites for additional information
  • Key Take-aways
    • Be comfortable with assuming more investment risk when you are young
    • Start saving and planning early for your retirement
    • If you have access to a retirement planning calculator, use it
    • Live within your means