Superstition Mountains Marsh Valley Hike 3-13-17

This was a challenging ~12 mile hike out and back primarily along The Dutchman Trail. The day was very warm (hot to most) and sunny. We started our hiking just before 8 am.

The first link is to a pdf that contains a summary of the hike’s stats. The second link contains a really cool 3D rendering of the entire hike. The data was collected from my GPS and processed using an app that CeCe has.

This was my second hike into the Superstitions and again I was was pleased to see so much water! One “trick” I use to stay cool is to soak my bandana at every opportunity and then either wrap it around my neck or place it on top of my head (see my selfie). The latter method has the added benefits of keeping bugs away and the sun off my neck amd ears.

The wildflowers have started to bloom which adds color and beauty to the surroundings. I saw my first, very early, cactus flower (a hedge hog which are the first to bloom).

Superstition Marsh Valley Overall Stats Superstition Marsh Valley 3D

Superstition Marsh Valley 3D

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