After surviving the disruption that retirement brought about, we were able to take our retirement to the next level – Thriving in retirement. Simply stated, we are happy and have no regrets.

We are both doing things that we enjoy. CeCe loves quilting, hiking, socializing with friends, reading and frequent return visits to the Bay Area. I enjoy trail running, producing a weekly program for Sun Sounds, podcasting, blogging, reading and travel. Most of all I enjoy a mindset that accepts everything that has happened on my journey and is grateful that for what I am able to enjoy in life.

I wrote an article for the RJ blog that pretty much sums up how I feel. I titled it: Live for Today – Routinely.

I think that accepting the stages of retirement and accepting the changes that will eventually come our way is also important for Thriving. Knowing that some day we will no longer be able to enjoy life the way that we do now, heightens our appreciation of today. We are educating ourselves about these future changes and have started looking at our options. In this way we will control as much as we can how our future unfolds. This provides a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment which also factors into Thriving.