Meet Us

Hi, welcome to Retirement Journeys! Here’s some background about us to give some context to our experience and perspectives. If you’d like to learn what Retirement Journeys is all about, click Purpose & Objectives.



Ted Carr

  • I retired in May 2010 from a bio-tech company in South San Francisco. I was fortunate to be able to retire when I wanted to.
  • I worked most of my career in the SF Bay Area in high tech and bio-tech IT. I worked as an individual contributor, manager and project manager (which was my favorite).
  • I started off my career working for Social Security as a Claims Rep. After about 6 years, I decided that I wanted to work in the private sector so I got an MBA from the University of Houston. I was fortunate to be recruited to work for IBM in Tucson AZ.
  • It was amazing to work in Silicon Valley during both the boom and subsequent bust. I think of it in terms of what the California Gold Rush might have been like.
  • I’ve been a runner since the late 1970’s. I was motivated to do something by a co-worker at Social Security who commented on my lack of physical fitness (she basically said that I was too young to start letting myself go). When I think about that exchange, I first think about how she hurt my feelings. Then I give myself credit for taking her criticism constructively. If I were ever to see her again, I would thank her because she changed my life.
    • I have primarily run trails since about 1985. Currently I go to Browns Ranch 4 to 5 times a week.
  • My interests include reading, travelling, hiking, volunteering, craft beer, small batch bourbon and baseball.
    • We just visited San Diego to check out Petco Park and the craft beer scene. Click San Diego July 2016 to see some of our photos.
  • I developed my interest in website development through my volunteering at the Cave Creek Museum
  • I got interested in audio through my volunteering at Sun Sounds of AZ.
    • This gave me the confidence to try my hand at podcasting which has become the centerpiece (IMO) of Retirement Journeys.
  • We do not have any children or pets but we do enjoy dog sitting Manning who is a very cute Corgie!

CeCe Carr

  • Retired in April 2010 also of her own volition.
  • Grew up in the Bay Area.
  • Has a Masters in Finance.
  • Worked all of her career in finance related positions including as a consultant.
  • Favorite activities include quilting, reading, hiking, traveling and other creative projects. She is continuing her evolution of  becoming a baseball fan.

My Story

I’m originally from Buffalo, NY and after graduating from college tried to find a decent job but without any luck. So one day a friend of mine and I took the Civil Service test which led both of us to Texas where I wound up working for Social Security. After roughly 6 years I decided that I wanted to transition to the private sector. However, I knew that I had to learn more about it and needed to establish some credibility. That led me to get an MBA from the University of Houston. After graduating I was recruited by IBM. Eventually I moved to Silicon Valley and worked most of my career there in hi-tech. Also, the best thing to happen to me was to meet my wife while working at the same company.

When I look back at my improbable road to retirement, I am amazed at how some of my worst moments eventually led me to a better place! For example, my first job out of the University of Houston, didn’t work out which was very disheartening. I ended up moving to the Bay Area not really knowing very much about it. What I found was a thriving hi-tech economy that provided many amazing opportunities. It turned out to have been the best thing to have ever happened though at the time it didn’t feel that way.

Why Retirement Journeys

I have always been of the opinion that if I can do something, so can pretty much everyone else. When we retired in 2010, a lot of people suddenly looked to us as some kind of experts apparently because we had “made it”. Over the years we have gladly offered advice when asked. We also saw the explosion of information about retirement that is available on the web, TV and media. A lot of that information tells you what you should do. I thought that it might be helpful to share not only what we did but how we did it. I felt that sharing actual experience, tools and lessons learned would help others find their way. And if our experience can help you, then all this effort is worth it.